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Give Me Cassettes…..Or Give Me Death!!!

Can anyone point me in the right direction to a killer tape distro? 

Any bands got tapes?!?

Wanna tape trade?

I make sick Canadian Metal compilations and I’m down to trade mix tapes. I even do fancy artwork for them!

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17 June 2012 ♥ 1 note           Reblog    
Help Me Out

I got $100 to buy stuff online. But I am undecided on what to purchase.

Between three different sites, each one offers products I really want.

Nuclear War Now!:

Morbid x3 LP
Swallowed Cassette

with shipping: $64.78

Hells Headbangers:

General Surgery LP
Mayhem LP
Tsjuder cassette x2
Ouroboros LP 

with shipping: $80.20

Vault of Dried Bones:

Ominosity Cassette
Cygnus Cassette
Malaria 7” 

with shipping estimated $22-$25

Total for all: Roughly $170

I can go with my Vault purchase on top of my NWN! for under the $100 but If I go with HHb and Vault, I will have to drop an item or two (either Malaria or Tsjuder). Help me out, what do you think I should do?

I could just drop the extra $70, but that means no food.